Schedule 5 Section 9.2

Schedule 5 Section 9.2 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

Animals which are protected from being possessed or controlled (live or dead).

Name Latin Date Note
Trembling Sea-Mat Victorella pavida 1988
Coelenterates (=cnidarian)
Ivell’s Sea Anemone Edwardsia ivelli 1988
broad sea fan, pink sea fan Eunicella verrucosa 1992
Starlet Sea Anemone Nematostella vectensis 1988
Brackish hydroid Pachycordyle navis 1998
Fan Mussel Atrina fragilis 1998
DeFolin’s lagoon snail Caecum armoricum 1992
Roman snail Helix (Helix) pomatia 2008 With respect only to England and, since 12/08/2008, Wales 
Freshwater Pearl Mussel Margaritifera (Margaritifera) margaritifera 1998
Glutinous Snail Myxas glutinosa 1981
Sea snail Paludinella littorina 1992
Sandbowl Snail Quickella arenaria 1981
Lagoon sea slug Tenellia adspersa 1992
Northern Hatchet-Shell Thyasira gouldi 1992
Tentacled Lagoon-Worm Alkmaria romijni 1992
Lagoon Sandworm Armandia cirrhosa 1988
Medicinal Leech Hirudo medicinalis 1988  
Spiders (Araneae)
Fen Raft Spider Dolomedes plantarius 1981
Ladybird spider Eresus sandaliatus 1981
Fairy Shrimp Chirocephalus diaphanus 1988
Lagoon Sand Shrimp Gammarus insensibilis 1988
Tadpole Shrimp Triops cancriformis 1988
Insect – True bugs (Hemiptera)
New Forest Cicada Cicadetta montana 1988
Wart-biter Decticus verrucivorus 1981
Mole Cricket Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa 1981
Field Cricket Gryllus campestris 1981
Insect – Moths
Reddish Buff Acosmetia caliginosa 1981
moth, Fisher’s estuarine  Gortyna borelii 1998 With respect to Scotland only from 1st October 2008  IUCN status changed
Barberry Carpet Pareulype berberata 1981
Fiery Clearwing Pyropteron chrysidiformis 1998
Black-Veined Moth Siona lineata 1981
Sussex Emerald Thalera fimbrialis 1992
Essex emerald moth Thetidia smaragdaria 1981
New Forest Burnet Zygaena viciae 1981
Insect – Dragonflies (Odonata)
Norfolk Hawker Aeshna isosceles 1981
Southern Damselfly Coenagrion mercuriale 1998  
Insect – Butterflies
Marsh Fritillary Euphydryas aurinia 1998
Large Copper Lycaena dispar 1998
Heath Fritillary Melitaea athalia 1981
Swallowtail Papilio machaon 1981
Insect – Beetles (Coleoptera)
Rainbow Leaf Beetle Chrysolina cerealis 1981
Spangled diving beetle Graphoderus zonatus 1992
Lesser Silver Water Beetle Hydrochara caraboides 1992
Moccas Beetle Hypebaeus flavipes 1992
Violet Click Beetle Limoniscus violaceus 1988
Bembridge beetle Paracymus aeneus 1992
Cartilagenous Fish (Chondrichthyes)
Basking Shark Cetorhinus maximus 1998
Vendace Coregonus albula 1988
Whitefish Coregonus lavaretus 1988
Giant Goby Gobius cobitis 1998
Couch’s Goby Gobius couchi 1998
Long snouted seahorse Hippocampus guttulatus 2008 With respect only to England and, since 12/08/2008, Wales 
Short snouted seahorse Hippocampus hippocampus 2008 With respect only to England and, since 12/08/2008, Wales 
Burbot Lota lota 1981
Olive Ridley Turtle Lepidochelys olivacea 2007 Does not apply to Scotland 
Flatback Turtle Natator depressus 2007 Does not apply to Scotland 
Marine Mammal
Walrus Odobenus rosmarus 1988
Terrestrial Mammals      
Water Vole Arvicola terrestris 2008 Applies throughout GB, but only since 12/08/2008 in Wales 
Pine Marten Martes martes 1988
Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris 1981

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