UKWildlife is a free resource for information about the conservation and enjoyment of wildlife. UKWildlife has been online since 2000 and provides access to resources of information relevant to wildlife conservation (such as the Schedules of the Wildlife and Countryside Act – astonishingly still hard to find anywhere else online even 10 years after we  made them available here!)

Other resources hosted here are the National Biodiversity Index – originally hosted for the JNCC/NBN. This provides searchable listings of metada data for datasets holding conservation and biodiversity related information. Although not actively maintained anymore, the NBN index is still available. It also underpins another Biodiversity Initiative the Wood-pasture and Parkland Information System (WAPIS). This site provides information about a priority habitat, wood pasture. It uses the NBN Index application to maintain its own set of metadata.  See the WAPIS Interface to the NBN Index.

For more about these projects see the Blue-Bag web site

This site is undergoing a well deserved make-over at the start of 2010 and we shall be posting much more information and links to useful sites.

Let us know what you think and we really welcome your feedback to help us make this site more useful.

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  1. steve says:

    Please take a look of the footage taken yesterday.
    The Hartshill parish Council have recently been given permission to develop all this land destroying all the ecology within and refuse to acknowledge that any wildlife here are important enough to provide protection or set any provision for all within…seems the are a law to themselves round here.

    Foxes 2 foot from muntjac, please read full details with film with links to application


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